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OS Bank has expanded the offer of Kredyt z Klimatem for individual customers who plan to implement investments improving the efficiency of energy use, and thus want to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. BS clients can obtain up to EUR 1 million for pro-environmental purposes, for up to 10 years, with an average interest rate that is even lower by half than in the case of standard credit offers.


The loan with Climate is a proposal of BS Bank for long-term financing of investments

The loan with Climate is a proposal of BS Bank for long-term financing of investments

that contribute to savings and a significant reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. The scope of financing under the Credit with Climate BS Bank has been extended to investments related to, for example, replacement of internal and external lighting, installation of devices increasing energy efficiency, modernization of elevators and construction of small RES installations.

The loan with Climate is also dedicated to investments in the field of thermal modernization including traditional insulation of the building and additionally installation of solar collectors, heat pumps, or modernization of individual heating systems. The Bank offers the possibility of financing investments for a period of up to 10 years, without a fixed minimum value of the loan granted. More than 7.5 million euros have been left in the Credit and Climate resources pool, and you can apply for it until December 31, 2013.

At the request of BS Bank carried out the verification of the ecological effect achieved in the implementation of term modernization investments. It was estimated that by the end of 2012, thanks to the projects financed under the Credit with Climate, almost 10,000 tons less CO2 was emitted into the atmosphere, which corresponds to the average annual issue of a housing estate (400 – 500 buildings). It is estimated that from 2014 the total reduction of carbon dioxide emissions will reach over 14,000 tonnes per year.


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