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PN Finance practices the “lowest prices” in the mortgage brokerage market, in terms of negotiated rates as well as borrower insurance and fees. Its offer was acclaimed by the largest consumer association, with PN Finance at the top of the national ranking as the broker who “offers the cheapest credit through a delegation of insurance negotiated by him and the absence of brokerage fee “.


Why pay a fee?

loan payment

Real estate credit brokers work in partnership with banks. The latter pay them in return for the work done (study, editing and constitution of the loan file) and the connection with future customers. Their remuneration is generally supplemented by fees paid by the clients, paid to release the funds except at PN Finance.

Faithful to its strategy, PN Finance negotiates for the future purchasers a real estate credit “with 0 € of expenses of file” and with the best conditions of the market:

  • Free banking fees *
  • Free brokerage fees at PN Finance *
  • Best deal within 15 working days ( during agency opening hours)
  • Free and personalized follow-up with a dedicated expert
  • Loan Insurance cheaper and with the same guarantees as banks


Purchasing power, the choice of “everything free” is essential!

Purchasing power, the choice of "everything free" is essential!

PN Finance has been 1 broker to offer a free offer TOTALLY. But, a free offer does not mean a lower level of service! PN Finance pursues its innovation policy in the mortgage market, combining the best price with the maximum of services. This policy is based on the efforts of economies of scale and reflects the optimization of the means implemented to obtain the best real estate loans from the largest banks.


PN Finance, the broker in Real Estate Credits the cheapest!

PN Finance, the broker in Real Estate Credits the cheapest!

This offer is part of the strategy of PN Finance, which for 15 years, accompanies individuals in their search for real estate credit by negotiating the cheapest rates on the market. Since its creation, PN Finance has financed more than 1 billion real estate loans. PN Finance’s steady growth in market share is due to its thorough knowledge of the business and banking sector. His experience allows him to obtain for his clients the credit rates and the most advantageous borrower insurance on the market.

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